Instrumentation for Traffic Law Enforcement is Africa's leading supplier of effective, reliable and quality emergency warning equipment and traffic management systems to traffic law enforcers, police and military. With a widely regarded reputation for supplying only the very latest technology from the world's premier manufacturers, customers are assured of receiving only the best in products and services when being supplied by ITLE.

Instrumentation is a proud distributer of the following manufacturers.

Whelen Engineering began in 1952 when George W. Whelen developed a rotating aircraft "anti-collision beacon." This original concept was expanded to create a magnetic mounted beacon used by police, public safety, fire departments, and, to convert hearses to ambulance service! In 1963 Whelen began researching strobe light technology in order to introduce affordable, reliable and highly effective strobe products to the light aircraft industry and then to the automotive market.

During the 1970's the company continued product development, adding more aviation products and a broader line of automotive and railroad safety lighting devices. The first all strobe enclosed crossbar was introduced as the 6000 Series, replaced in 1978 by the 8000 Series. The 70's also saw the introduction of the Outdoor Warning Siren ... totally electronic and capable of not just warning tones but also high-powered voice messages!

In 1983 Whelen announced a strategic advancement in lightbars the low profile "Edge 9000" Lightbar. Refined and updated for over fifteen years, the aerodynamic Edge lightbar remains an industry standard to the present day. Strobe based technology expanded into ambulance, fire and rescue apparatus, railroad, police, department of transport, marine and aviation applications. The 90's saw computer-networked vehicle warning systems, programmable warning equipment and instant operating diagnostics for safer vehicle operation. Voice and siren warning intelligence moved indoors for plant-wide employee warning systems. By the year 2000 Whelen had designed and developed the newest LED technology to create a diverse line of lighting products with exceptional performance and reliability.

In April, 1987 Whelen incorporated a second facility, Precision Assembly Company. There, in a 1,000 square metre building, less than two dozen employees built sub-assemblies for the emergency warning products marketed by the parent company.

In 1991 TPG, The Plastics Group, joined PAC to fill the need for high quality, injection molded plastic components, vital to the product line. As demand for the highly regarded Whelen products grew, so did the two companies and today the facility supports a work force of approximately three hundred people in a plant of over 12,000 metres! Besides millions of plastic components, the Charlestown facility manufactures a wide range of products from single beacons and power supplies to lightbars and complete lighting systems.

Franz Josef Gebert is the founder, owner and Managing Director of Truvelo Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd. He created the company in 1966 to produce reliable, top quality electronic instruments and equipment. The company's main function is to design, develop, manufacture and market the Truvelo range of traffic related equipment for traffic law enforcement and vehicle data gathering. The products are manufactured mainly for police/traffic departments, local and state / governments law enforcement agencies, civil engineers and road construction agencies.

TRUVELO, through an ongoing program of innovative quality engineering, is proud to announce its latest product, the TRUVELO D-CAM. Based upon the success of the existing Truvelo Combi Smc – for which the company is probably best known - and which has been on the market for nearly 10 years selling worldwide with particular success in Brazil, Southern Africa and the UK where it is still the only government- approved system to offer a single front photograph for speed enforcement. It can also be used for rear photography and in a variety of site configurations. Truvelo is confident that it remains unbeatable for its combination of accuracy, versatility and reliability.

The BHO (the British Home Office), the German PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt), Brazilian Inmetro, and the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) proved the accuracy of Truvelo products beyond question. Our brand new TRUVELO D-CAM received Type Approval from NMI in November 2005.

Truvelo is a SANAS accredited calibration laboratory for speed measuring equipment.