Products : Lightbars


World renowned for quality, reliability and sheer light output. Whelen® lightbars provide the peace of mind of knowing your officers are protected by the best equipment available in the world today. With halogen, strobe and the latest Super LED™ technology our lightbars can be configured to any requirements. All lightbars available in all five safety colours.

LED lightbars now available with WECAN™ computer programming technology which allows for programming of light intensity and flash pattern to each individual lighthead and almost limitless configuration possibilities. This also helps reduce cable sizes as the digital data transmission uses only two small diameter cables easing installation.

Edge® LFL Patriot™ Series Lightbars
  • Patriot

Edge performance and reliability are evident in our low profile lightbar. Extremely low profile (64mm) with all the pizzazz of a conventional height lightbar. The Edge LFL Patriot Series combines the latest strobe, LED and halogen technology into compact state-of–the-art design. Starting with 4, 6, or 8 strobes and increasing to 12 LED modules and up to 4 halogen modules. Available with LED Traffic Advisor™ , all LFL Patriot lightbars have a slightly wider footprint that provides greater stability and weight distribution on the thinner roof construction of today’s vehicles.

Edge® Ultra™ Series Lightbar
  • 9U

Slightly wider in stance but still classic Edge profile, the Edge Ultra features modular architecture throughout the lightbar for outstanding serviceability without sacrificing reliability or performance.

• Five centimeters wider for enhanced ‘fend off’ protection, same aerodynamic height as classic Edge 9000 modules.
• Endcap features optional over/under combination strobe/halogen module for more light output. Easier to upgrade, or service in the field with snap-in lamp modules.
• Power supplies are located at the ends of the lightbar for easier access.
• Duplex modules in the front or rear allow many options, including built-in Traffic Advisor capability.
• Newly designed outer lens fluting improves light output.
• Standard internal wiring harness makes it easy to add options as your requirements change.
Edge® LFL Liberty™ Series Lightbars
  • Liberty

The LFL Liberty features next generation, all Linear-LED™ technology in a warning package that rivals strobe in impact, but provides heavy-duty, long life operation with low current draw. Sleek and aerodynamic at only 63mm high, the Liberty contains state-of-the-art optics and follows the same innovative construction as the Edge LFL with its modular build and high strength aluminium chassis.

Edge® 9M Series Strobe Lightbars
  • 9M

Built on the classic Edge® 9000 extruded aluminium I-beam chassis, the 9M Series is a highly effective, user friendly and cost effective addition to the Edge family. Available in four six or eight strobe versions, the 9M features modular construction "snap-in/lock-in" components for ease of service and exchange or upgrade. ScanLock flash pattern control is available, along with a wide choice of halogen, LED modules and traffic Advisor models.


Centurion™ Series Halogen Rotating Lightbars
  • Centurion
  • Centurion vs Federal vs Code3

The Centurion lightbar has been specially created using the latest technology to maximise the light output from the rotating reflector and give the very best in hazard warning protection. Double ball bearing motor assembly and "shock mount" rotator plate design to isolate motor and gear noise for surprisingly quiet performance. Options such as high intensity alternating directional strobe or halogen lights, floodlights speakers and illuminated signs may be installed. Standard configurations include two or four rotating lights and a combination of mirrors to maximise light output. It can be specified in lengths from 22" (560mm) to over 72" (1830mm) and more. Centurion options may be factory installed and the most popular options can be retro-installed by users to upgrade the lightbar as your needs change.

Justice™ Lightbar
  • Justice 1
  • Justice Blast

The NEW Justice lightbar brings all the Whelen reliability and performance in a cost concious package with a wide range of options to suit all budgets. With a low profile of ony 57mm high the Justice utilises the same ultra bright gen 3.5 Super-LED®s as our flagship Liberty and Freedom models, the bar is designed for ease of operation, upgrade and serviceability.