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Smart Arrow Messenger™ Advanced traffic control for Edge® and Edge+Plus™ Series Lightbars
The Smart Arrow Messenger displays text and symbols on a high intensity LED display with either 8 or 16 characters which is built into Edge and Edge+Plus lightbars.

• Messages can be presented in a variety of formats (fixed, flashing or scrolling), predetermined with storage of up to 128 messages.

• The solid-state LED’s will stand up to road shock and vibration and are rated for 100,000 hours of operation.

• Smart Arrow Messenger is easy to use by scrolling through messages on the compact controller.

• Non-volatile memory assures that programming will not be lost in the event of a power failure or messages cannot be modified without programming software.

• Options include premium control head upgrade with key pad for "go-to" message activation.
MGM01R0* and MGM02R0*
  • Messenger

Front and rear facing Messengers in red and amber with either 8 of 16 character displays for 44.5" to 55" Edge® lightbars (purchased separately).

MGM02C0* and MGM02S0*
  • Messenger

MGM02C0* is a red or amber 16 character Messenger built into a 0,88m Edge+Plus housing. MGM02S0* is a red or amber Messenger built into a 1,20m Edge+Plus housing which includes two remote linear strobe assemblies that are available in all 5 safety colours.

Also available are the MGM01C0* and MGM01S0* 8 character Messengers designed for use where space is limited.