Products : Dash Lights


Put light where it matters at the critical eye level! Our range of ultra bright, wide angle LED dash/deck mounted lights keep you visible and safe even in the heaviest traffic where other lights can be blocked from view.
All units can be sucker mounted or permanently mounted by means of hole free, custom made mounting brackets and are available in all five safety colours.

  • Slimlighter

Brilliant LED warning or super intensive Super-LED™ in a lighthead that is 416mm wide and a mere 41mm high, perfect for installing on the front or rear windshield, or on the deck, dash or headliner of a vehicle. The standard swivel bracket can be mounted directly onto the headliner or to the windshield with two suction cups. The On/Off switch and selection switch for 20 available patterns is located on the back of the lighthead. A 2,4m cord and cigar plug are standard.

  • Talon

Don’t let the small size fool you. This compact, lightweight warning light packs full-size Linear-LED® Super-LED® (patent pending) power that rivals strobe in intensity! Now you can have serious warning protection in a package that’s easy to mount or transfer from vehicle to vehicle.

  • SpecTIR

Competitor™ Series Dash & Deck light. Dash mount pint-sized light that throws a full-sized punch! Whelen reliability in an economical LED dash light. High output, GEN3 LED technology produces incredible high intensity warning in a compact design that fits easily and snugly to the windshield. Eight high intensity LEDs are available in single or split color combinations at a surprisingly low cost. Each light provides multiple Scan-Lock™ flash patterns and includes an eight foot cord with cigar plug with On/Off switch and LED On indicator.

Inner Edge Lightbar
  • Inner Edge
  • Inner Edge Blast

This full featured interior lightbar is virtually undetectable when not in operation, allowing you to be seen only when you want to be seen!
Low profile vehicle lighting system with incredibly bright Super-LED lightheads mounted in a rugged housing that fits snugly against the front or back window of vehicles using custom made hole-free mounting brackets to ensure secure mounting and irradicate flashback of light into the vehicle.