Products : Sirens & Controllers

295HFS Series Electronic Sirens

100 / 200 Watt, six function, microprocessor controled Class A sirens featuring hands-free operation, where multiple siren operations may be initiated by pressing one button or a tap of the horn ring. Diagnostix™ risk reduction gives you 'real time' operating status of the system and Si-Test® completely checks siren system instantly and silently. Input polarity protection and output short circuit protection. Quick disconnect for ease of service or replacement. All heavy duty 295HFS sirens come with a five year warranty.

  • 295HFSA1

Single 200W siren amplifier unit with full function. Now includes remote activation, Park Kill and California tones.

  • 295HFS4

Remote full function 200W siren amplifier with surface or under dash mounted control head connected via three small gauge wires. Single siren unit with 9 switch light control and low current switching.

  • 295HFS5

Single 200W siren unit with 9 switch light control and low current switching now with Park Kill, Timed Out Relay, and California Tones.

  • 295HF100

Full function, hands-free, dash mounted 100W siren.

Alpha Series Siren
  • Alpha12R
An economical four tone siren. A hands-free 100 watt siren for applications not requiring public address or radio repeat. Meets Class A requirements with most 100 watt speakers. 12 VDC.
Beta Series Siren
  • Beta112R
  • Beta2

Remote mounted 100W four tone siren with PA and hands free capability. Idealy suited for use with our Optilink switch panel or with the Beta2 control head and microphone.

Siren Speakers
Certified, highly effective traffic clearing American made siren speakers in a wide range of models for every application.
  • SA315P

Project Series high performance, multi-port 100 watt speaker puts high performance traffic clearing warning sound where it counts: down and in front of your vehicle. Narrow, nylon composite housing provides ease of mounting.

  • SA340STS
Compact, round aluminium speaker horn. 100 watt, high efficiency driver. Size: 143mm H x 143mm W x173mm D.
  • SA40

Lightbar mounted high gain nylon composite 100W speaker.


  • Project-A-Flex

Model PROJECT is for underhood applications. Flexible 1,5m high gainacoustic tube allows the speaker driver to be mounted virtually any distance from the horn. Complete with 100 watt RMS driver and mounting kit or available as kit for customer supplied 100 watt driver.

  • Optilink

Designed for officer safety and use in the ever decreasing space available in the modern police vehicle this full function programmable switch panel provides 12 individual switches plus an extra large siren switch giving complete control of the many systems required in todays emergency vehicles.

Two extra large programmable switches, typicaly '10111' and 'AT SCENE' and the extra large reset all button provide instant, one touch response in emergency situations with all programmed functions selected at the touch of one button. This, combined with 'hands free' siren operation controlled through the vehicles horn ring, allows the officer to concentrate on the job in hand not on switches and dials!

Other features include: integrated PA microphone; auto-dim backlighting; individual replaceable switch legends; 'Auto Sleep' function to protect battery from power draw from lights, radios etc.; switches can be programmed for either latching or momentry operation; automatic switching from '10111' to 'AT SCENE' on application of handbrake; low battery warning.

Interchangeable switches are available with any text in any language.

Custom mounting brackets available for hole-free mounting.


  • Microlink

This non PA switch panel has all the groundbreaking features of the Optilink in a compact package with 6 individual switches plus a single, extra large, cyclic 10111/AT SCENE/RESET button.

Custom mounting brackets available for hole-free mounting.

  • Hand Held Controller
  • 200w Amplifier

The NEW HHS2100 is a full function 200w siren with integrated hand held lights and siren controller with 9 built in relays for high current switching of all emergency equipment. Idealy suited for covert installations and for use on our new WECAN™ system LED lightbars. Now you can easily control all light and siren functions from this compact hand held controller with built-in microphone. Moisture-resistant controller features twelve rubberized, backlit push buttons including progressive three-position push button lighting control. The unit is microprocessor controlled and rated for one or two 100-watt speakers. Compact control is ideal for multiple applications including undercover vehicles and vehicles with limited interior space.