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Truvelo® M42 MPC
  • Truvelo&reg: M42 MPC

Multi Micro processor controlled speed measuring instrument.

Various models have been developed on the MPC-piezo technology since the early '60's. The M42 MPC has been successfully in use by various police and traffic departments worldwide. The system is based on two independent instruments with two independent time measurements and speed results. With three or four cable layout, it is smaller, quicker, and lighter and has high-tech data capture capabilities. Connectable to Truvelo camera system that records speed and or red-light violations.

Truvelo® TSR-1 Hand-held Dgital Radar System
  • Truvelo TSR-1

Hand-held digital radar system for law enforcement and statistics.


  • Range of detection: 800 m
  • Temperature range: -15oC to +75oC
  • Speed range: 0 - 399 km/h
  • Low battery indication
  • Total power consumption 7 Watt
  • Indication of noise presence and RF Interference


Truvelo® Combi
  • Truvelo Combi

The Combi speed/red-light system, comprising the Truvelo MPC speed measuring instrument and a 35 mm camera, combines unique features only available from TRUVELO into one powerful unit. One system will photograph speeding vehicles, vehicles violating the red light at a traffic intersection, pedestrain or railroad crossing or both types of violations. A single front photograph, taken just after the vehicle has crossed the piezo sensors used for speed measurement, including all the secondary check information needed.

Truvelo® IFS Intelligent Flash Simulator
  • Intelligent Flash Simulator
  • Intelligent Flash Simulator

The Truvelo IFS (Intelligent Flash Simulator) collects statistical data of vehicle speeds, speed/traffic light violations and traffic volumes at permanent speed/traffic light sites when the camera recording system is removed. The data is stored onto a removable non-volatile memory card. A memory card reader together with PC software will import and store this data on a PC and generate reports.

The IFS can also simultaneously act as "Dummy Flash" unit that activates the flash when a vehicle exceeds a preset speed limit or runs a red light.

This data will determine:

· When it may become necessary to re-insert the speed/red light law enforcement camera into the housing,
· how effective a particular traffic law enforcement campaign has been, or
· if applicable speed limits might have to be re-evaluated on that particular stretch of road.

Truvelo® ProLaser III Hand-Held Laser
  • ProLaser LCD Display
  • Truvelo ProLaser III

Speed enforcement at the speed of light-advanced lidar technology for today's Traffic Safety Professional. With pinpoint accuracy, you pull the trigger, obtaining a near-instant reading and knowing you have positive target identification. What's more, you've accomplished this in the rain.

More Advanced Features: The ProLaser III has a selectable direction mode. Particularly useful when working on a tripod and shooting into traffic, this mode prevents speed displays of traffic travelling in the unselected direction. Also possible with the ProLaser III is the ability to set minimum and maximum target ranges where you need a beginning and end mark to target vehicles inside a specific area.
Enhanced Design: A fixed handle accommodates either self-contained, long-life rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery pack or the corded adaptor for use with a 12V power source.

Truvelo® Lidar Hand-held Laser Speed Enforcement System
  • Lidar
  • Lidar

The instrument for speed enforcement in road traffic

  • Speed display on a head-up display in addition to the built-in light-dot sight
  • Brightness of display and sighting spot adjustable over a wide range.
  • Adjustable speed threshold indicated by a sequence of audio tones.
  • The presence of optical jamming transmitters on sighted vehicles is detected and indicated visually and acoustically.
  • Speed measurement function lock and display of error message if temperature and supply voltage are outside the permissible range.
  • The instrument is eyesafe, complies with today's regulations and can be used for monitoring traffic speeds as required.
  • Automatic shut-off of result display after a user-defined time to extend the service life per battery charge.
  • Confirmation of operations and indication of results by an audio signal generator with individual tone sequences (volume may be adjusted in steps or switched off).
Truvelo® LIDAR D-CAM. Mobile digital speed enforcement camera
  • Truvelo LIDAR D-CAM
  • Mobile Digital Speed Enforcement Camera

Measuring system of the Truvelo Lidar D-Cam:

  • Six successive individual images document each speed violation
  • Page through the recorded images using the search function
  • Touch screen technology for easy operation

The Truvelo Lidar D-Cam: precise laser speed measurement combined
with high-resolution digital image recording and image processing.

Benefits of the Truvelo Lidar D-Cam: 

  • Quick system set-up
  • Touchscreen: convenient data input
  • Six recorded images per speed violation
  • Records up to five thousand violations
  • Fast data processing: data storage on removable PC-card
  • Evaluation software for office use
  • Daylight and night measurement (night measurement optional)

 The instrument consists of:

  • The actual speed measurement instrument (the Truvelo Lidar)
  • a fixed digital camera
  • a touchscreen for user-friendly data input and operation
  • removable PC-card
  • a sturdy tripod
  • 12V rechargeable battery
  • a convenient storage container
Truvelo® MVR
  • MVR

The Truvelo Moving Voilation Recorder is a patrol vehicle mounted on-board speed measuring instrument.

During the course of normal traffic patrol duties, the traffic officer can now also measure vehicle speeds and enforce speed limits. The MVR gives the officer unique features no other similar equipment on the market possesses.

This newly developed, compact speed measuring instrument is mounted in the patrol vehicle to assist the officer to make quick and accurate decisions, when it comes to stop wreckless and/or speeding motorists.

Failsafe operation
If an error is detected, whilst a measurement is being taken, the measurement is automatically cancelled, the operating mode aborted and the operator informed about the type of failure, eg. sensor failure, crystal oscillator frequency error etc.

Digital Eyewitness™
  • Eyewitness Console
  • Eyewitness Vault
  • Digital Eyewitness&trade Rear Camera

The Digital Eyewitness® will provide you with critical evidence in court of law by recording the video and audio tracks digitally on a hard disk or DVD. It places a watermark signature for data authenticity purposes. Your evidence is kept safe in a vandal-proof, temperature-controlled vault.

Media Options

The Digital Eyewitness® records digital video to a DVD-RAM disk or to a removable Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Digital video files ensure quick searches for specific segments.

Pre-event recording

A memory buffer automatically captures up to 30 seconds of video events prior to activation of the recording. If an officer witnesses a vehicle crossing the solid centre line or running a red light and then activates the recording, the video evidence prior to the start of recording is automatically added to the file.

Optional Features

Sure Talk Digital Wireless Microphone
Sure Talk’s digital cellular phone compression technology allows up to 20 users on a scene, has a wireless operating range of 300 metres with accurate sound re-production. The transmitter includes a compact 2.2 Ahr rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, providing 10-12 hours of continuous operation.

Automatic Crash Test Activation

When a collision is detected, the Digital Eyewitness will start recording images together with the “pre-event” buffer memory.

Digital Eyewitness Media Manager (DEMM)

This option allows law enforcement authorities to easily store and manage video files recorded by the Digital Eyewitness. The software of the DEMM allows for quick and easy file searching by date, officer name, time, etc.

Truvelo® D-CAM
  • Portable
  • Permanent

TRUVELO, through an ongoing program of innovative quality engineering, is proud to announce its latest product, the TRUVELO D-CAM. Based upon the success of the existing Truvelo Combi Smc – for which the company is probably best known - and which has been on the market for nearly 10 years selling worldwide with particular success in Brazil, Southern Africa and the UK, where it is still the only government type approved system to offer a single front photograph for speed enforcement. It can also be used for rear photography and in a variety of site configurations. Truvelo is confident that it remains unbeatable for its combination of accuracy, versatility and reliability.

The new Truvelo D-Cam uses a digital camera and is the only quality engineered speed and/or red traffic light violation monitoring system, which is the most versatile, modern, cost effective, accurate, fast and data-secure solution with built in automatic speed verification!
The latest Truvelo D-Cam can be connected to different sensor technology, used at mobile or permanent sites and digitally records speed and/or red-traffic light violations. It is the only instrument that uses a unique secondary speed verification method, whereby the primary speed measurement can be verified using data imprinted on a single image. The vehicle is always in the same position and recorded over verification markers.
Truvelo is proud to partner with Traffic authorties by supplying new digital camera technology in the form of the D-Cam. Truvelo assists in advancing road traffic management and contributing towards road traffic safety.


Dual function alignment telescope for LASER sensor and carry handle,

Tri-band antenna ensures:

• GSM communication of D-Cam status and errors to service center

• GPS time/date and location

• Wireless LAN (WI-FI) interface to Shuttle-PC (Laptop/Tablet) for setting up and monitoring of D-Cam

High resolution digital color camera covering 3 lanes with motorised lens for aperture, zoom and focus adjustment,

Environmentally sealed enclosure with integrated heating/cooling system that enables operation in harsh climatic conditions (-20º C to + 60º C). This Locked enclosure with tamper detection, data signing and encryption using symmetric and asymmetric electronic keys ensures primary evidence security and integrity,

Integrated (IR optional) LED flashwith optical filter for convenience, and a

Swivel and tilt bracket for manual mobile LASER operation.